Scholarship to Huawei!

Be it a CSR activity in India or an initiative to build stronger ties between India and China, Huawei’s aim is to provide a better opportunity to Indian students to study at China. SANGEETA YADAV speaks with Yao Weimen, VP, corporate affairs of the company to bring you a report
  • What is Huawei all about?

Huawei is a leading global information and communication technology (ICT) company that has partnered with 45 out of the top 50 telecom service providers of the world to bring people closer to each other. Today, Huawei has presence in over 140 countries around the globe. We have contributed in shrinking the geographical boundaries and have helped people and civilisations around the world know and appreciate each other better.

  • You have launched the Huawei Maitree Scholarship programme …

Celebrating 12 successful years of corporate citizenship in India, Huawei instituted this scholarship in 2011. Around 10 scholarships will be provided every year to select Indian students for undergraduate and post graduate studies in China. This initiative aims at bringing about a better understanding, appreciation and friendship between the youth of India and China.

  • What is the amount of scholarship offered?

Huawei has slated out ten scholarships of up to 10,000 USD this year for each of selected students who are pursuing academic courses in China. This includes student’s tuition fee and living expenses for the duration of his or her study.

  • On an average, how many students get admission in the Universities and institutes of China?

At present on an average 7,500 to 10,000 Indian students study in Chinese Universities every year.

  • What is the eligibility required to enroll for the scholarship?

The candidate must be Indian citizen, resident in India and up to 32 years of age as on April 1, 2012 in the year of the scholarship. They must not have any criminal charges pending in a court of law in India or elsewhere and should have a good academic track record.

Moreover, the candidate must have independently gained admission to a reputed University or College in China at the time of applying the Scholarship. They must undertake not to avail of any other corporate or Government scholarship or assistance for the same programme of study in China

  • How about the selection procedure?

Candidate’s personality, his aptitude and academic purpose will be important factors guiding the expert panel to the final selection. All the applications received will be placed before the selection committee which will shortlist candidates for the final interview after screening the applications. The selection committee comprises of individuals of repute and eminence. The decision for the annual award of scholarships is based on the recommendations of the selection committee. These are also based   on merit, character, aptitude and the purpose of the study.

  • And the deadline to apply for the scholarship…

Aspiring students can apply for the scholarship before July 15, 2012.

  • When does the session start?

It usually starts from the middle of August and the candidate must have independently gained admission to a reputed university/college/institution in China at the time of applying the for the scholarship.

  • When is the right time to apply for visa?

Usually, a student visa for China takes a turnaround time of eight to ten working days. This Visa is valid for only six months. If the student is applying for a course for a duration more than six months, he/she needs to apply for a business Visa and specify the requisite timeline to be available for entry in China. The residence permit has to be obtained in the local city in China within 30 days of staying post the entry. So, ideally a student should begin to apply for Visa at least two to three weeks prior to the scheduled travel.

  • Is this scholarship a part of CSR activities in India?

It is a part of the many CSR activities that we have planned in India. Huawei believes that the scholarship would help the students dedicate themselves to the pursuit of excellence which would be instrumental in shaping their career.

  • Apart from this what are the other CSR activities conducted in India?

Huawei has an e-literacy programme to bridge the digital divide in India, called the E-Hope Programme.

  • How can students apply for the scholarship?

The candidate should submit their application only online through, giving complete and accurate details about their school and university education, background, research work, professional experience (if any) and a statement of purpose. For details one can visit and apply for the scholarship.

(The article was published in the Pioneer Newspaper).



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