‘Need researchers for higher education’

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Core Education, an active participant at the recent E9 summit, deals with the education sector in India and gives proposals about what needs to be done to improve it’s quality. Anshul Sonak tells SANGEETA YADAV about his organisation’s aim to provide quality education for all


  • What is CORE education all about?

It’s an end-to-end global solution provider that transforms education spectrum covering PreK, K12, higher education and employability education. CORE is an educational technology company that is involved in improving the quality of education by teaching, learning, assessment and governance  (TLAG) and provides professional consultancies and advance technologies to form a meaningful and engaging 21st century learning experience.

  • Core was a participant at the E9 Summit…

The agenda of this summit which was — Teachers for Education for All, is the most critical factor for improvements in the education sector. Teacher development has to be priority number one.

  • What were the issues  addressed during this summit?

All emerging nations including E-9 nations are facing fundamental challenges of preparing human capital for globalised economy and yet overcoming basic access, inclusion and equity issues in education. Education modernisation is hence very critical for these nations.

  • What about the current scenario of the education sector in India?

There is high demand for quality education at higher level of education. Thus, we will have to improve faculty quality and shortage issue and bring in a research mindset in higher education for breeding demographic dividend. Otherwise the young population of India undergoing higher education will be left out from new 21st century global economy.

  • Is private partnership necessary to fulfill the required changes?

With the diversity in India, inclusion remains a big goal for all of us and hence new public-private partnership models for better access and inclusion for women minorities will be required if India has to really grow as the leading nation in the World.

  • What about Government investments in this sector?

We are spending less than four per cent of the GDP. It is still less than what advanced economies like Korea, US and many others are spending on education. Moreover spending more money will not result in any tangible gains unless we significantly overhaul the way we teach, learn, assess in classrooms and bring governance into the education processes and transparency in the education sector.

  • Is the trend of digital competencies in this sector, fruitful?

Technology can play a far more aggressive role for making education accessible, affordable, attractive and applicable. So the Government, industry, academia and civil society have to come together to leverage all existing and emerging technology for significant educational improvement across  higher education and vocational education.

  • What are the upcoming events and activities that Core education will be conducting?

Our STEM solutions and teacher learning platforms are scheduled to be launched soon. We are also focused on broadening our vocation business with Vocationalisation of education and by adding new areas like construction, automobile etc for job readiness.

(The interview was published in the Pioneer Newspaper’s Avenues section)

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