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The jewellery sector is brimming with a plethora of opportunities in various categories. From designers to manufactures to teachers  there is a lot to choose from. And, most of these jobs come with a hefty pay cheque. Sangeeta Yadav tells you more
Ian Harebottle, CEO of Gemfields showcasing A Zambian Emerald

Ian Harebottle, CEO of Gemfields showcasing A Zambian Emerald


Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies etc has been in demand since the ancient times but the recent times has seen an upsurge in careers in this sector. Gemological laboratories is the recent fad and many students opt for a career in this field.

According to Ian Harebottle,CEO, Gemfields PLC, the history of gemstones dates back to the ancient times and till now, India has always been the largest consumer market of gems and jewellery. “The country has a lot of potential to become the leading market of gems but it needs the right kind of direction,” Ian tells you at an event held in Jaipur.

Besides having an astrological significance for power and prosperity, the fashion quotient is the most important reason for it’s demand in the market. However, the art of finding gemstones, grading and evaluating them and processing them for the end user has changed frequently. “Owners want to possess the best of gems and the retailers want to give the best to their customers, this is one of the reasons why the competition has suddenly become tough,” Sean Gilbertson, executive director, gemfields PLC, tells you.


The key skills that are required in this field are creativity, observation, keen eyesight, imagination, aesthetic sense and a sense of color combination, knowledge of traditional designs, communicative skills and an ability to work hard. Students should know the current trend and demand in the market.

According to Adrian Banks, product director of Gemfields PLC: “When gems are collected from the mines the unrefined ones go through  a very crucial process of refinement, which later is tested and graded according to their quality, size and weight.

“Once it reaches the manufacturers, it goes through a long process that includes preparing a sketch design of the jewellery, and creating a mould, filling of silver or gold, cutting, placing of gem, polishing, and much more. Thus it requires a lot of skill and efforts.

“In Jaipur itself, 95 per cent people are into jewellery business and there are about 2 lakh jobs in the city itself. Also Gujarat is one of the biggest hub of jewellery manufacturing and trading,” he says.


For PG courses, the eligibility is graduation and for other courses it is 10+2, higher secondary or equivalent would be suffice.

  • Designer: It’s the jewellery design which lures the customer to buy a particular piece or a whole set. Thus, gemologist can be a jewellery designer which is also the first step in the manufacturing of jewels. He or she can sell their designs to the jewellery manufacturing company or work with them. They are the trend setters, who according to the fashion give shape to the ornaments.
  • Manufacturer or merchandiser: As a manufacturer, one would have to look into the production part of the business and using the stones with utmost care so that their value remains intact and doesn’t get damaged while cutting, polishing and grinding.
  • Research: Those who are interested in research work can do research in the field of gems and their physical properties and characteristics
  • Teacher: One can also be involved in training and teaching in this field
  • Professional valuer: One can work for insurance companies for appraisal of the exact value of precious and semi precious gemstones

Besides bachelors and masters degree courses in gemology, there are various diploma and certificate programmes that one can opt for. For instance, diploma and certificate programme in gemology, international system of grading, cutting, bruiting and polishing, planning and marketing, hard shape grooving and jewelry design and machine cast jewellery.


The pay scale in this industry can range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month depending on the qualification, skill and experience . However, those who own and run an independent unit then they can earn upto crores depending on the scale of business.

  • Indian Institute of Gemology, Delhi
  • Arch Institute of fashion & Design  Arch Gemology & Jewellery Institute, Jaipur
  • Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Jaipur.

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