‘Adopt good teaching practices’

With the academic collaboration between EIUBS and Ivory Education Pvt Ltd, a global MBA programme has been launched to develop students in critical managerial abilities. SANGEETA YADAV chats up with Professor Mayank Shah for details


  • What is Global MBA programme all about?

Under the collaboration with Ivory Education Pvt Ltd, we have launched this one year programme which will be taught in Brussels (Belgium) for six months and then in Pune for the next six months. There will be four specialisations that is family managed business, marketing, finance and information technology.

  • Tell us more about Europe Innovation Business School (EIUBS)?

EIUBS is internationally affiliated to Educatis Education Society, Switzerland which is a part of an NGO, the Educatis Foundation. Ivory Education will reach out to the students of India who are interested in this programme. This programme will entitle the student to have global exposure so that they can be able to function in globally competitive environment and focus on the development of critical managerial abilities.

  • What is the scenario of MBA profession in India?

As Indian companies are scaling up and going global, need for competent managerial talent is ever expanding. Also, companies are finding it difficult to source competent managers. A large numbers of MBA students are passing out each year who are unacceptable to the businesses in context of their globally expanding needs. As a result of this mismatch, there is an excess supply of low caliber MBAs and shortage of high caliber managerial talent. There is a need to adopt good teaching practices and use of proven teaching and learning resources.

  • Any special teaching method that you have adopted?

We have developed SLP (structured learning process) wherein for each course, three days will be dedicated for integrated business case/business simulation game analysis and discussion that will be video recorded for providing feedback for students to enable continuous improvement.

During these three days two best practice seminars are organised for interaction with senior managers in MNCs across the world through video conference.

  • What will be the criteria for assessment?

One part is called self assessment of managerial  ability, in which the student states his/her level to solve business problems using concepts, methodology and state of the art tools. The second part involves tests.

  • What about placements?

We have appointed a team of marketing managers who will create placement opportunities for meeting specific needs of individual students. We have prepared a list of job roles and target companies where each student will have to target a job role and list out five companies from it. We will also be engaging professional counselors who will ensure that every student will go through selection process with three out of five selected companies. If our marketing team fails to provide placement to the student who has done well in our programme, we will pay a penalty.

  • What is the required eligibility to apply for this course?

A student who wants to apply for this programme should be a graduate with two years of work experience for the MBA degree. People with less work experience will be awarded PGPM. GMAT or CAT scores are also preferred. The last date for applying is July 30, 2012.

  • What is the fee of the programme?

The fee is Euro 15,000/- exclusive of living and travel expenses. We are also providing various scholarship programmes — top 10 per cent of the batch will get Rs 2.5 lakh, next 20 per cent of the batch will get Rs 1.5 lakh and then next 20 per cent of the batch will get Rs 1 lakh. We will also be providing IPad 2 to all the students.

(The article was published in the Pioneer Newspaper)

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