‘Personalised education is key’

Peje Emilsson, founder, Kunskapsskolan schools

Peje Emilsson, founder, Kunskapsskolan schools

Peje Emillson tells Sangeeta Yadav how Kunskapsskolan Eduventures, which is coming up with its first school in Gurgaon, will be different in offering K12 education to its students

  • Tell us all about Kunskapsskolan schools.

Kunskapsskolan schools were established in Sweden in the late 1990s for two reasons. First, schools did not care enough about developing each and every child to his or her unique potential. Second, by developing a chain of schools with rigorous assessment as well as then benchmarking each and every school with each other, we would achieve an outcome that would enable all schools to continuously improve and ultimately reach very high academic standards.

  • It’s been 15 years since its inception. How has the response been so far?

We are one of Sweden’s largest private operators with 37 schools all over the country and significantly better academic result than our peer schools. Based on the good results and our method for personalised learning, the  Kunskapsskolan Eduventures (KED) programme, is available in four schools in the UK and one in New York city. We are launching in India very soon.

  • Why India?

India has enormous potential and has recognised the importance and potential of education with latest technology and methodology. That’s the reason why we are looking at launching a flagship school in Gurgaon. Our philosophy is that doing things in education needs a very serious and long term commitment and that is a view that is recognised here.

  • What is its USP?

The KED programme is student-centric. Every student has a dedicated teacher coach, which the student spends one-on-one time with every week. The coach is supporting the student in identifying her long term and short term goals and optimal learning strategies. This way we can tailor the schedule and work to the individual students’ needs, ambitions and pre requisites.
Moreover, it motivates and get students to know themselves, as it trains them in planning, taking responsibility and life long learning.

  • How does Kunskapsskolan create a difference in the Indian education system?

India’s greatest resource is it’s people. If we can contribute to improve the competence and skills of those people, not only by traditional rote learning that has been the dominating model in India, but by developing high academic standards in combination with important life- and social skills, we have also contributed to Indian success in the modern and international markets.

  • Tell us about it’s curriculum?

We have chosen to implement the CBSE curriculum as it is well structured and has internationally high academic standards with which we can always compare with standards in all other countries.
We intend to combine this with extensive collaboration with our schools in other countries and bringing the best from other curricula. Local anchorage and global context is the strongest concept for educating for the world of tomorrow.

  • Have you tied up with any other Indian organisation?

We have a JV with Gyandarshan Eduventures. They have extensive operational experience from the educational sector and a long-term quality approach to their schools and higher education institutions.

(The article was published in the Pioneer Newspaper)



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