It’s hot as hell!


sherlin chopra splitsvilla season 6

MTV Splitsvilla is back with its sixth installment and, this time, it is hotter than usual. Sangeeta Yadav visits the sets in the backwaters of Kerala to bring you a spot story

Capturing another side of love, MTV Splitsvilla is back with its sixth season and the theme this time is Hot As Hell! With two hotties as  mentors (Sherlyn Chopra and Nikhil Chinappa) and a host of contestants, this season promises to be, well, just that!

Mix hot tasks and a hotter shoot location (backwaters of Kerala, nothing less) and you come up with a heady cocktail — exactly what the makers of Splitsvilla were hoping for.

nikhil-chinapaThe tasks are tougher, more humiliating and, of course, sexier than the previous installments. But what really takes the cake wis the turn-off session where girls list out all those things that turn them off about a guy. Apart from general dressing and mannerisms, these girls are obsessed with the hygiene part. Their turn-off list includes men who fart, have a bad breath, spit while talking, those who are abusive etc. This session which was a part of the hotness quotient conducted by Sherlyn Chopra, saw four boys as losers. The boys were then escorted to the Dumping Ground for a South Indian filmy dance face-off.

The boys were given two hours to rehearse with the choreographers on the sets. The task got tougher when the boys had to perform in order to get the audience hooting. The more the number of seetis, the more the chance for the guy to survive this impossible task.

Colourful fish nets with hanging clay pots set the tune for the evening. But what set the stage on fire was sultry seductress Chopra grooving to Aa ante amalapuram. Dressed in golden black ghagra andcholi, Chopra looked stunning but it was quite an effort for her make up artist to keep up with the item girl. Chopra would frequently break for a touch up. In fact, the item girl got her moves perfect only after six trials! This particular episode will be telecast in the month of June.



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