Rakshit-Kejriwal, Co-Founders, Smarton

Rakshit-Kejriwal, Co-Founders, Smarton

Rakshit Kejriwal speaks with Sangeeta Yadav about the official launch of SmartOn learning solutions which provides new-age career options

  • What is SmartOn Learning  solutions all about?

It is is an innovative global education start-up which specialises in providing new-age career courses like e-commerce. We are in the process of developing programmes in entrepreneurship, data analytics and cyber security which will release by next year. The programme is based on the plug-and-play cloud based platform and aims to make quality content and adoption of technology easy and affordable.

  • What is the technology used in this?

We’ve used learning management system which is the backbone of the programme where the course module is prepared. Then we’ve live learning management system like which is like a social networking. Social features make learning more effective and gives a feeling of being in a community. This trend has been there in the US from last 20 years and has impacted very strongly. Now it’s slowly catching up in India as well.

  • What is the purpose of launching this?

The programmes are focussing on  careers that are in demand and enabling students to learn in an interactive way to acquire effective and relevant knowledge. Higher education is going through significant transformation due to the market forces and advent of new technologies. We see a huge opportunity in India to push ed-tech and programme innovation in new age careers by working with universities and colleges.

  • What are the courses?

The course is developed in collaboration with leading industry partners and universities. The programmes are offered in online learning/blended format (combination of online and class-room based) along with career diagnostics and continuing education solutions.

  • Is the teaching modules different?

The programmes are offered in two tracks. First, the curriculum embedded courses and second is signature programmes. In case of the embedded programme approach, courses are integrated into existing curriculum of the education institutes. Second, signature programmes have strong application-oriented training that will result in certification.

  • When is the first batch going to start?

We’ve already launched our first batch of e-commerce course in collaboration with Pearl Academy. It was the batch of 225 students and we got very good feedback from the students.

  • What are the challenges in the field of e commerce?

E-commerce is not just about online stores like Flipkart or Jabong. It’s about all local stores in your community which needs to go online to increase their sale. For instance Janpath is a well known market in Delhi and has its local relevance all over the world. If it goes online, it will make a lot of business. Also there would be no risk of its store getting shut. By following this strategy, the e-commerce industry would grow to $200 billion in coming time.

  • How can students enroll for the programme?

The school or university can share the list of students along with their email ids who want to enroll for the programme. We send them a link to enroll themselves. After enrolling, we teach them eight modules of e-commerce — concept, market places, logistic, payment marketing, promote, offset product. Since we have tied-up with, by the end of the course, we give an opportunity to the students to built their own web store.

  • What is the current scenario of online education in abroad?

In New York, many innovative education models are coming up like Udacity and Coursera. These are some of the role models that have created landmark things which will affect not just the US but all over the world at large. Some of the courses from renowned universities which selected people with money and obnoxiously intelligent, are now opening up and making it affordable to all.

  • Any plans?

We have offices in New York and Hyderabad. We will shortly be opening the India head office in Bangalore. We are in talks with some universities of Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat for this.

(The article was published in Pioneer Newspaper –


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