‘Digitising holistic Learning’

Chetan Mahajan, CEO of HCL Learning
Chetan Mahajan, CEO of HCL Learning

 Chetan Mahajan speaks with Sangeeta Yadavabout the new modules of HCL Learning solutions and its plans to reach out to the masses

  • Tell us about HCL Learning Solutions?

It’s a $1.6 billion ICT enterprise which aims at providing learning solutions for wholesome learning and development of students, teachers, administration and parents. Apart from providing high quality content and products, we’ve over 12,000 classrooms, over 60 career development centers.

  • What about future plans of HCL Learning?

We are majorly focusing on creating a lot of low cost new applications and products in the market for the Government schools and individual customers. We are re-thinking for this segment in terms of hardware, content, distribution and business market. A lot of research work is happening to generate and provide fundamental learning to the masses. It will not only fill the gap of unskilled teachers but also through innovative teaching tools, would give a good result in efficient learning of the children. Through this, we also aim to spread our reach in India. In this country we need to look at  things in a different perspective which would not only give us a long-term profitable business but also would make a difference in the education sector.

  • Tell us about the recently launched My IIT Tutor and MyEduWorld?

MyEduWorld is designed for the students from Class I to Class X whereas My IIT Tutor is designed for the students in preparing IIT JEE. MyEduWorld’s content comes in a USB flash and consists of over 25,000 rich and interactive 3D/2D animations for in-depth conceptual clarity and developing thinking abilities, 2,000 plus worksheets, quizzes for quick revision and practice and over 4,500 assessments to track the students’ performance. Its Classes I to V series costs Rs 1,999, Classes VI -VII costs Rs 2,399 and Classes VIII-X costs Rs 2,699.

My IIT Tutor comprises of 300 plus video lectures, 5000 detailed topic wise notes, 10,000 video problem solutions and an online test series. It comes in two variants— one year content license which costs Rs 13,999 and a two year content license which costs Rs 17,999.

  • What are the other products being offered by this organisation ?

Our K-12 Solution includes modules like Digischool, MyEduWorld, IMS, Xcelerate and My-IIT-Tutor. The higher education segment includes  Digicampus, MyEduWorld, IMS,    Institutional Alliance and SAP u-Academy. The professional skills segment includes Career Development Centers and Learn on Cloud. The training and certification segment includes teacher training, corporate training, Government skill development and ICT training.

  • Tell us about the latest developments you have seen in the field of education?

The education industry is a strange place because when you look at the micro-numbers, it’s just mind bogging.  Rs 2 and a half lakh crore are spent on education in India every year. When we look at the business perspective, we think that how can I add value and at the same time make profit out of the Rs 2 and a half lakh crore. We realise that there are a lot of unmet need and gap that are there in the education sector. In our case, we opted to fill the gap at the digital segment and aimed to give more teaching tools than the blackboard and a chalk.

  • What is the biggest challenge in the field of digital education?

Apart from the proper availability of hardware and electricity, we have to update the content and make the learning process more engaging and interactive.  In today’s time, there is a lot of conflict in fundamental learning, multiple intelligence and value-based education. There is also invariable tension in between scale education and holistic education. If India aims to educate crores of children, they have to stuff 50-60 children in a classroom. But through this, you can’t give them individualised personal attention. Thus, the need of an hour is to create holistic learning environment and let the children learn in their own pace. With innovative tools like MyEduWorld, learning becomes a fun and interactive.

(The article was published in Pioneer Newspaper – http://www.dailypioneer.com/avenues/digitising-holistic-learning.html)


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