‘It is essential to get your preps right’


 09 November 2011, Wednesday

University of California has launched UG preparatory programme for students in India. Sangeeta Yadav speaks with Angelika Volkman, director, International programme, California University

  • What is a preparatory course all about?

The University of California, Irvine, has launched an international undergraduate preparation programme (IUPP) which is for nine months for the Indian high school graduates to be admitted to UC Irvine and successfully complete their undergraduate studies within the regular four year undergraduate study period.
It is a rigorous educational curriculum that prepares qualified students for undergraduate admission and academic success and also to experience first-hand what higher education in the United States can provide. Last year, this preparatory programme got 98 per cent admissions for the undergraduate programme.

  • What are the courses available?

We have launched two new courses which we consider will be perfect for Indian students — an engineering course and a biological sciences course.
Each subject has a special curriculum which is designed keeping in mind that entrants are all undergraduates. These courses are overseen by the respective schools of engineering or biological sciences. The schools are providing mentored study sessions to help IUPP participants in these two courses succeed in their engineering or bio science classes. Besides these we have a set of general courses that we have been offering for the last two years.

  • What are the eligibility criteria and minimum requirement of IUPP? 

The criteria is — completion of the equivalent of four years of US high school with a final GPA (grade point average) of 3.7 out of 4.0 (equivalent to 90 per cent in the Indian context) or higher.
We also have some policies like the students need to be fresh graduates and must not be enrolled in any other course. There is also a criterion that the student should not have applied to the UCI simultaneously.
English language proficiency is must. The student needs to get at least 80 on iBT TOEFL, 550 on PBT TOEFL, or 7.0 on IELTS. Our final criterion is that applicants must provide the UCI a bank statement which verifies at least $54,000 is available for 12 months of study.

  • What is the overall cost of the course? 

The total fees is $37,605 (converted to Rs 18.46 lakh which includes application fees, tuition fees, housing placement fees, student service fees and health insurance.

  • Do you also provide scholarships? 

Only the California residents have to pay a little less than the others as their parents have been paying taxes. The rest have to pay the non-resident fee which is twice the amount. Basically it costs $35,000 a year for tuition fee and $ 20,000 for the household facilities that will cost to approximately $55,000 per year for four years. We do have few UG scholarship but not for the preparatory programme.


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