‘World-class testing system’

Soumitra Roy , MD, Prometric India

Soumitra Roy , MD, Prometric India

04 October 2011, Wednesday/  Pioneer Newspaper

Prometric Test delivery system is the largest and most secure one in the world. Sangeeta Yadav speaks to Soumitra Roy , MD, Prometric India

  • What is Prometric testing centre all about?

Prometric India , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS), is a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment. Recently, we opened two new world-class test centres in Gurgaon and Hyderabad. These have been built according to the highest global standards and specifications for highly secure testing facilities. This is part of an ongoing expansion and improvement of our testing network which currently includes approximately 450 test centres in 102 cities in India, and more than 10,000 globally. India represents a core part of Prometric’s growth strategy, both as a regional operations location and as a market for its globally distributed testing services.

  • What kind of facilities do you provide?

These test centres are dedicated premises for the delivery of exams as well as accurately measure programme results and data that Prometric administers on behalf of its global clients.
We employ advanced technologies and practices to safeguard our clients’ testing programmes against unwanted behaviour either by candidates or other third parties.
The administration of Prometric depends on the specific requirements of our clients. However, every test-taker who schedules for a test with Prometric will be given a consistent experience regardless of where or when they take it, and can be assured that they will be delivered the right test at the right time.

  • Tell us about the new testing standards introduced recently?

Not only do we design testing programmes that measure the right knowledge, skills and abilities, we also ensure that these are delivered flexibly and securely to the right test-takers.

  • What are its benefits?

Test-takers can flexibly schedule and register for their tests, and be certain that they will have a consistent and fair experience in an environment that meets global standards for physical and technical infrastructure. Test sponsors can be assured that the test-takers are administered the right tests and that their data is stored and managed securely.

  • How is it different from the old testing systems in India?

All our test centres in India employ Prometric’s global standards and processes. These new flagship test centres are similar to the other Prometric test centres in terms of technology, the test delivery platform, identity management system and security standards. However, the majority of these other test centres are managed by our partners and are not dedicated facilities for testing.

Unlike other test centres which Prometric operates in India, the new centres will have the capability to offer the full range of tests, including Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which Prometric is responsible for administering.


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