Leap of faith

Mohit Gundecha, CEO and co-founder, YourNextLeap.com

Mohit Gundecha, CEO and co-founder, YourNextLeap.com

07 December 2011, Wednesday

YourNextLeap.com helps students realise their dreams of studying abroad by giving them scholarships. SANGEETA YADAV speaks to Mohit Gundecha, CEO and co-founder, YourNextLeap.com

  • Tell us about YourNextLeap.com?

YourNextLeap.com, as a virtual career counselor, helps students make smarter career decisions. It involves a suite of online tools that use psychometric evaluations and math models on past admission patterns, to give out personalised suggestions. Online tools like university suggester and college suggester help students increase their chances of admissions into colleges and branch suggester helps the student choose his/her stream of study.

  • What is Scholarship Finder all about?

Scholarship finder is a personalised recommendation engine which suggests various scholarships to students who aspire to study abroad.

  • How did you come up with this idea?

Before I went to Stanford for my post-graduation, I had a tough time arranging for my educational funds. Only after coming back to India did I realise that there are many scholarships that a student can apply for, thus helping him ease the financial burden. Besides, students are confused about the choices they have in branches, colleges or finding funds. Thus, we started YourNextLeap.com.

  • How many scholarships are available?

There are over 50 scholarships with a total of Rs 10 crore available across all streams. Some scholarships can go as high as Rs 15 lakh per student.

  • What kind of scholarships can one apply for?

There are scholarships which are provided by the Indian trusts and organisations in a variety of categories which help the students pay their tuition and travel fee along with other expenses. Some of these scholarships are in the form of completely interest free loans too.

  • What are the criteria for providing scholarship to students?

Each scholarship carries its unique set of criteria. The information is easily discernible on the website. We have inbuilt alerts for students to be informed on deadlines and new scholarships. Unlike popular perception, not all scholarships are provided on the basis of academic performance. The scholarships are given to students based on parameters like financial background, caste, nationality and gender. Scholarships are given on the eligibility of the student.

  • Are these scholarships available only to students who want to study abroad?

Yes. The listings of scholarships mentioned in our site are only for students who want to pursue their studies abroad.

  • What are the other perks?

Apart from removing the financial burden from students in these tough times these scholarships also help the students in improving their academic credibility.

  • With inflation and economic instabilities, how else can a student fund for his/her education?

Students and parents can also opt for education loans. There are low interest as well as interest free education loans provided by a few trusts and organisations. Also, students can get part time jobs.


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