‘Offering full tuition fee scholarships’

16 November 2011, Wednesday  

Pursuing an International course is no longer just a distant dream. Ohio based Cincinnati varsity offers full scholarship to Indian students. Sangeeta Yadav reports
  • Tell us something about the University of Cincinnati?

University of Cincinnati is Ohio’s premier institution and is ranked among the top 25 public research Universities in the US.

  • What are the courses available?

We have over 250 undergraduate and 150 post-graduate programmes including nationally recognised programme in architecture, business, computing, design and engineering. We also have co-operative education programme (CO-OP) that focuses to place the UG students in paid positions related to their academic programme at World-renowned companies. Moreover, we have part time courses also for those who prefer working along with pursuing their studies. We also offer undergrad/grad dual degree i.e. four year of UG and 1 year of masters programme.

  • When are the admission scheduled?

Admissions start from September 2012 but the deadline for applying for the various courses is by August 31, 2012.

  • How many number of seats are there for various courses?

We have about 30,400 undergraduate, 9,800 for graduates and 2,000 seats are reserved for the international students.

  • What are the scholarship schemes that you are offering Indian students?

We are offering full tuition scholarship for international students that are given on the basis of merit. We have a broad range of scholarship funding for all levels of academic achievements. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is before December 1, 2011.

  • How many Indian students have got the scholarship last year?

Last year we admitted two rural girls — Anjani Lahane and Karishma Randhave who have received the first UC Global opportunity scholarships, complete full ride packages valued at Rs 75 lakh each.

  • What is the overall cost of the course?

The cost of tuition is around $50,000 and for the household and living expenses, it will cost the student around $10,000 per year.

  • How many Indian students have enrolled last year in your University?

We admitted 35 Indian students for UG, 545 for graduate programmes and 83 for other courses. In total we have some 663 Indian students.

  • What about the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility of the courses varies from course to course. The basic requirement is that they must have at least 60 per cent in their academic field along with good SAT and TOEFL scores (Internet based: 72, computer Based: 213, and paper based: 550)

  • Do you provide placements?

Yes we have over 1,500 partners.


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