The Indian connection

Prof Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor, Deakin University

Prof Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor, Deakin University

14 March 2012, Wednesday

Prof Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor, Deakin University, speaks to SANGEETA YADAV about the varsity’s initiatives to engage with Indian academic institutes
  • Tell us about Deakin University, Australia.

Deakin University is a Government supported university in Victoria, Australia. It is one of Australia’s largest universities with more than 38,000 students in four campuses across Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool. It has been named the University of the Year twice and continues to rank high for its research interventions.

  • What brings you to India?

We are here as a part of the Victorian Trade Delegation which aims to engage with Indian academic institutions. We have also inaugurated a new premises of the Deakin India office at Saket. In partnership with TERI University, we have established a Nanobiotechnology Research Centre in New Delhi and  signed some new agreements with IIM-Indore, Amrita University, Bharat Forge and IISc.

During this trade mission, we have signed agreements with IIM-Indore, Bharat Forge, Indian Oil – DBT Centre and IISc. Our collaborations are about combined research programmes under the Deakin India Research Initiative. Deakin has strategic collaboration with over 50 Indian institutions for academic and research engagement and student mobility programmes. The focus of our research work  pertains to the areas of engineering, biotechnology and management.

  • Why should Indian students opt for your university?

Deakin University staff aims to ensure that students learn well and leave the university as educated global citizens. This teaching excellence is supported by excellent research. Excellence in everything is our aspiration as we contribute to a changing world that is a better place for us all.

  • What are the courses and programmes offered?

Deakin offers over 500 courses in a wide range of areas including traditional studies such as arts and science, specialist disciplines including sports, environment and nutrition and vocational courses like architecture, business, medicine, law, engineering, information technology and teaching.

  • What is the eligibility criteria?

Every course has its specific entry requirements. We seek students with minimum 50 per cent of marks and graduating from recognised Indian institutes.

  • How many students have enrolled in the last two years for the programmes?

More than 700 Indian students have enrolled at Deakin in the last two years.

  • What is the fees for the courses?

The average tuition fee for courses at Deakin is around A$ 21,000 per annum. Indian students are eligible for scholarships ranging from A$ 2,000 to A$ 5,000 depending on the academic profile of the student. Applicants for the PhD programme are eligible to compete for international research scholarships worth A$ 200,000 each.

  • What is the cost of living?

It varies depending on the accommodation they take up and the course they register for.

  • What are the job prospects in Australia for the students?

The Australian economy has jobs on offer for meritorious students with the right qualifications especially in the areas of engineering and IT.

  • What is the admission date and deadlines?

Deakin hires people during the months of February, July and November. Interested applicants can seek detailed information from our India office.


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