Zumba ho!

Sucheta Pal, India’s only Master Trainer and Zumba Education Specialist (ZES)

Sucheta Pal, India’s only Master Trainer and Zumba Education Specialist (ZES)

Ever thought cutting that flab was as easy as grooving to foot-tapping music? Now, shedding those extra kilos without having to deal with boring exercises, has become a trend. Dance-based fitness routines like zumba have become a fad with the young and old these days. The zumba, for example makes you lose maximum calories but also teaches you various dance forms like hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo.

“Burning the calories should be a fun thing to do and people should enjoy doing it instead of forcing themselves. There is no age to keep oneself hale and hearty. Be it a child, youngsters, professionals or parents anyone can do this,” Sucheta Pal, India’s only Master Trainer and Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) tells you.

Pal says there are different zumba activities for different age-groups. The zumba gold, for instance, is a specialised fitness activity only for the elders whereas zumba kids for children and aqua zumba for underwater tonning. Those who want to workout with light weight, they can go for the simple zumba toning routines.

“When we started out not everyone knew about this form of exercising. People used to gym and participate in regular workout sessions to remain fit. Dance was only for those who wanted to perfect that skill. But when we told people that they could dance their way to fitness, there was a huge crowd outside the studio,” Pal, who has been teaching this form of fitness exercise for the past four years tells you.

An hour of zumba would help you lose 500 to 800 calories without much ado. “This drives in a lot of people,” the instructor who was in the Capital recently to represent zumba at FICCI’s India Sports Expo 2014, states.

After leaving the corporate world, Pal went to US to follow her passion to be a zumba master. She is now the only master trainer who is authorised to certify the instructors. “I’ve given licence to around 1,500 instructors. There are other things planned for India like Piloxing,  Insanity Workout and Pound Drumming Workout,” the 33-year-old says adding, that she has trained Bollywood actors like Neha Dhupia, Pallavi Sharda, Chitrangadha Singh, Bipasha Basu and Ashmit Patel.

Pal’s next destination is Japan where she’ll be conducting zumba sessions with a hint of Bollywood. Is there any challenge that she faced? “People pronounce it wrongly. They call it the jumba routine. I am tired of correcting that. It’s zu for zumba, you see,” Pal says.


 (The article was published in The Pioneer Newspaper- http://www.dailypioneer.com/sunday-edition/sunday-pioneer/backpack/zumba-ho.html)

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