‘I am the most innocent looking vamp on TV’

Tejaswi Wayangankar as Ragini in Swaragani

Tejaswi Wayangankar as Ragini in Swaragani

TEJASWI WAYANGANKAR talks to SANGEETA YADAV about the transformation of her character Ragini from being a soul sister to a sweet-faced vamp, her wish to not play a negative role and the show’s decision to bring back her good avatar

  • Your character Ragini has gone through a big transformation in Swaragani. Are you comfortable with the change?

When I signed the show, I wasn’t told that I would turn from being a loving sister to a vamp. The show is about two sisters Swara and Ragini and I’ve conveyed to my producer that I would not be comfortable playing a vamp. In any case, my character has shades of grey, but only for some time.

  • How did the channel and scriptwriters come to terms with your demand of not playing a vamp?

They told me I was portraying the grey side of Ragini in a very innocent way which was like no other vamp on TV ever. Every time Ragini does wrong, she convinces you by her voice and expression that she had no other option, that she was helpless. I was asked not to give those typical expressions of a vamp like raising the eye brows, or giving aggressive voice-overs. Moreover, the scriptwriters modelled the script to enhance my innocent persona which is very rare. Generally, an actor is told how to play a character. But keeping in mind my hesitance to look and behave like a vamp, the script was changed to suit my uniqueness.

  • How is Ragini’s grey shade different from other negative characters of TV?

For one, Ragini doesn’t look like a vamp at all. She is a picture of innocence. She is portrayed as so naive that she doesn’t know what is right and wrong and ends up doing everything wrong for the sake of her love. Besides, she was not cunning from the start. She turned negative due to her love for Laksh who was in love with her sister.

  • The show started off with the storyline of two soul sisters who are closely bonded. Today, they are adversaries…

Ragini is on the wrong path but only for now. Soon she will realise her mistakes and confess her crimes to everyone. Soon, the good Ragini will be back which is why I am here. Ragini’s transformation from a evil to goodness will happen in less than two weeks. She was supposed to turn positive much before Sanskar, who entered in the show as a negative character, did. But the makers extended her grey track a bit more as people really liked it.

  • How did the mahasangam of Sasuraal Simar Ka and Swaragini impact the show?

The integration led to a lot of hype in TRPs and the show catapulted into the top five slot. But the popularity is not just because of that mahasamgam. People like the show because they have started liking a negative Ragini and the scintillating fight between two sisters, the fight of good and evil.

  • What to watch out for new in the show?

Laksh will get to know about the wrong things done by Ragini. His reaction would the next big thing to watch out for and how Ragini will face the aftermath of her wrong deeds will keep the story going.

(The article was published in The Pioneer Newspaper on September 27, 2015. http://www.dailypioneer.com/show-time/i-am-the-most-innocent-looking-vamp-on-tv.html)


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