‘Everyday is a struggle’



Anil Kapoor is back on the small screen with Season 2 of 24 which starts from July 23 on Colors. He talks to Sangeeta Yadav about the challenges of being a producer and actor of the show and his upcoming movie Fenny Khan for which he may turn singer

  • What transformation have you gone through for 24 Season 2?

I have grown a thicker beard. There is a scene where Jai Singh Rathore says ‘duniya badal gayi. Sab kuch badal gaya. Jai Singh Rathore nahi badla sewai iskey ki usne daadhi bana li’. Also, he drinks a lot in this season but tries to quit as he fears becoming an alcoholic. He has been away from his family for quite sometime. It’s a complicated situation. To make all this real, I had to work much harder.

  • Did you take inspiration from real-life cops to get a hang of their life?

Yes! The life of real life cops is probably worse than Jai Singh Rathore’s. It’s a tough life to take on the responsibility of protecting the nation and being on your toes 24/7. Our nation is surrounded by friends and enemies. Danger lurks for family members of cops. A real cop has to sacrifice a lot.

  • What were the challenges for Season 2?

From advance action scenes, avoiding night shoots and complicated shots, to trying to do things in a limited time, budget and space, there were a lot of challenges. Being producer and actor, there was a lot of stress as one had to finish things on time, especially with guest actors. You can’t ask them to extend their time for us. There was not a single day when you felt everything was fine and one could take a breather. Sometimes you felt you’ve won a war and, at times, you felt you still had a long way to go.

  • Is it difficult to get into Jai Singh’s character?

Yes! Jai Singh Rathore is very real and has his plus and minuses. He can work out-of-the-box. The way he behaves and reacts and does things that are not only dangerous but not done according to the book was a challenge to do. He makes snap decisions. This makes him very exciting but dangerous and volatile too.

  • What impact did this show have on your personal life?

My family feels that I am not the same. Doing such a dramatic and intense show has been very demanding physically, mentally and craftwise. The reel and real have merged and it does take a toll personally.

  • Tell us about the action scenes.

We have gone a step ahead and tried difficult action scenes which required three to four days of rehearsals. I wanted to do good action scenes in time and less budget. This show is no less than a film. Season 2 is definitely better than the prequel. By God’s grace, I have never got injured but there were others who did and that scares me a lot. I feel concerned and this has made me more careful.

  • Did you have to struggle to become a star?

Everyday is a struggle. Zindagi har kadam ek nai jang hai. Kabhi khushi kabhi gum, yeh toh chalta rehta hai. Only when you go through pain, then you enjoy the fun. If everyday is fun, life will become boring. There are days when you feel exhausted, angry and low but I bounce back with the support of my family. Moreover, the hunger to do better gives me the strength to face adversities that come my way.

  • Your upcoming movie Fenny Khan’s poster is out. Tell us more about it.

This is the first time that I’m doing a musical film and there is a possibility that all actors might sing songs in it. It’s an adaptation of the Oscar-nominated Belgian film Everybody’s Famous. After watching it, I felt that its Hindi adaptation should be made and that emotions and relationships are same all over the world.

(The article got published in Pioneer Newspaper – http://www.dailypioneer.com/show-time/everyday-is-a-struggle.html).


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