Show that questions blind faith


The producers of Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant have come up with another show Devanshi that aims to highlight false claims by spiritual gurus. Sangeeta Yadav talks to producers and actors in Mumbai to bring you a report

There are many spiritual leaders and gurus who claim to solve all your problems and have a solution to everything. Some even call themselves messenger of God and profess to perform miracles. But there are many out there who want to take the gullible for a ride.

To highlight false miracles and question ageold traditions, Colors channel has brought a new show Devanshi, a story of a small girl whose destiny separates her from her parents and brings her face to face with Mata Kusum Sundari, a woman who professes to do miracles but has shades of grey.

“Do you really need a medium to converse with that God? I don’t think so.  Still there are a lot of blind faith in our culture. Sometimes our problems spin out of control and that is when we are willing to believe anything that a person tells us. We wanted to tell people that there are people who will take advantage of such situations. TV is a powerful medium and we decided to use it and make a show to highlight such false claims. We wanted to educate people to be able to decipher between right and wrong. What better way than through a small child who questions the existence of such beliefs. It’s rightly said — Bachche bhagwan ka dusara roop hote hain. Devanshi, meaning Devi Ka Ansh is one such attempt,” producer Sonali Jaffer from Full House Media Pvt Ltd tells you.

The initial part of the story is based on a true incident that took place in Haryana. The makers read about the incident in a newspaper and went to the village to investigate.

“A couple, who prayed for a child, went back to thank the God. When they came to the temple, the mother was so desperate to reach the deity but there were too many people and the child falls into a haandi (vessel) for donation. The problem arose because whatever falls into the haandi is donation to God. So the parents go to the police to seek help in resolving this matter. On the way back to the temple, their bus meets with an accident and the parents die on the spot. The temple authorities decide to keep the child saying it was destined and educate her.

“Devanshi on the other hand showcases how this child questions the false beliefs and makes others question their belief and whether someone is trying to fool them,” Jaffer says.

To portray Devanshi, the makers zeroed in on Kashvi Kothari, who is all of seven, since she had a spark in her and innocence. “Kashvi’s face is so arresting that my heart just went out for her when I saw her picture,” Jaffer tells you.

Karuna Pandey, who was last seen in Bhaage Re Mann as Padmini, will be seen playing Mata Sundari. She tells you that even though she has played negative roles before, this one is different. “It’s dark and intense and demanded that my character come out very strongly, be dominating, speak Haryanvi and communicate more through the body language than words. It is a demanding role and difficult to portray the role convincingly,” Pandey says.

And does she have blind faith? “Only on true love with my husband. There are only two or three relationships in life where should not think too much but follow your heart.”

While there will be many viewers who may draw a parallel from a real life God-woman, the makers say that the character is totally fictional and bears no resemblance to any person dead or alive. “Our aim is to let people question blind faith that some gurus ask us to have. Of course, there are many spiritual leader who are genuine but just as many who are fake,” Jaffer says.

The show is all set to go on air from October 3, from Monday to Friday at 7 pm and shifting Thapki…Pyaar Ki to a brand-new time slot of 6:30 pm.

(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper  –


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