‘Not pushing myself to get married’


For her, age is just a number and after turning 37 last week, Raima Sen feels happy being single and working back to back. She talks to Sangeeta Yadav about what she thinks of marriage, her plans to take a break from work and travel and catch up on a lot of shows on NetFlix

  • Tell us about your upcoming projects?

My next release is 3 Dev with Kunal Roy Kapoor which is all set to release on December 16, 2016. It’s a comedy with a message. The movie is about Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh played by Karan Grover, Ravi Dubey and Kunal Roy Kapoor. I am playing Bhairavi who is a serious person. Doing comedy is very difficult.

I have just finished my next Hindi feature film Varanasi which is about Banaras attacks that happened in Sankat Morchan temple. Another thriller is Vodka Diaries. I am the owner of this bar and a murder takes place. Kay Kay Menon plays an  investigation officer. The final spot shooting in Manali is still left.

  • You have also shot for an Indo-Argentinian film Thinking of Him…

It’s based on the on the life of Rabindranath Tagore and his relationship with Victoria Ocampo which has never been explored on celluloid. No one has documented it so far. I don’t know how it will go down with Tagore fans. There are two stories running parallel — one in the past the other present. My character is based in the present times where she helps a young man in his research on Tagore.

  • What was the reason behind doing so many films in a year?

After Bollywood Diaries, I have been getting interesting offers. I want to keep working as years go by. This is an exciting phase and I want to continue working like this. But my mother told me not to miss out on life and try and balance it out. I missed out on my best friend’s weddings. In Bengal, I was doing 10 films in a year. I have not travelled because I was busy working. But now want to travel and catch up with other things in life.

  • Is marriage on the cards?

There is no one in my life at the moment. Marriage is something that I really can’t plan. It just has to happen when it is the right time. I would love to get married. I have waited for so long and now I will wait a little more. When I look around me, half my friends are divorced with children. Half are having problems in their marriage. Any married couple I ask how their marriage is working out for them, they advise me not to get married. Only a few are happy. I don’t see great marriages working out around me. I rather be what I am now — single and working.

  • What is your idea of marriage?

I want to have a lovely marriage, a loving husband and a baby. I don’t want to be a single mother. The society’s perception about the age of marriage is changing. People who have never been married always want to get married. The rush has always been on the other side. So I do want to try it once but I am not pushing myself.

  • What’s there in the to-do list?

There was a time I used to go for Kathak every morning and have a great time. I learnt many other dance forms as well like Salsa. But the kind of films that I am doing, doesn’t require that kind of dancing. Since I have not danced for so many years, I have forgotten how to dance. I think instead of going to the gym, I will join dance classes in Mumbai. It will be more fun.

Also I am trying to catch up on a lot of English GECs and documentaries on Netflix. Everyone has watched almost everything and I have yet to begin. I am late in everything but now that it is finally installed, I am glued to it.

(The article also got published in Sunday Pioneer – http://www.dailypioneer.com/sunday-edition/sunday-pioneer/backpack/not-pushing-myself-to-get-married.html).


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