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ek-shringaarswabhimaan1Sooraj Barjatya brings to you Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan which is inspired from real-life incidents. Sangeeta Yadav talks to the actors about the show

Zada ladkiyo ko padhaogi tho shaadi ke liye rishte milna muskhil ho jayega. Aur itna padh likh ker kya karengi ladkiya. Shaadi ke baad toh unko ghar ghrasti hee toh sambhalni hogi.

This thought has always been a part and parcel of our society for eons. But there are parents who believe in educating their daughters so that they can pursue their dreams and ambitions. Such parents often face a dilemma when it comes to finding a suitable match for their daughter. It’s all the more difficult when the boy’s family demands that their highly qualified daughter-in-law will not work and instead be a homemaker.

Rajshree Production’s new TV show Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan that will premiere on December 19, 2016 at 9:30 pm on Colors is a show that takes inspiration from real-life incidents. Conceptualised by director Sooraj Barjatya, who has always made films and TV shows that reflect family values, relationships and traditions like Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Hum Saath Saath Hain and Vivah. His Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan revolves around the journey of a mother Sharda (Prachi Shah Pandya) and her two daughters Meghna (Sangieta Chauhan) and Naina (Ankita Sharma). The show highlights Sharda’s struggle to break tradition to educate her daughters and ensure that her daughters do whatever makes them happy.

“This show has a lot to offer in terms of family love, sibling love, family values, a mother’s fight and two girls who  have different personalities and perspectives towards life. Each has her own story. It is a realistic drama around relationships  with a message. To begin  with, the story will revolved around a mother who fights for her daughters’ education and get them married into a family who will respect their identity. A family who would not ask the girls to be mere housewives. Everybody wants to be financially independent. Nobody wants to keep their laurels at home and be the trophy wives. Modern-day women have to balance work and house,” Ankita Sharma, who plays Naina, the younger daughter in the show, tells you.

Though the show is centered around the daughter and mother, the story will take a U-turn when Kunal Chouhan (played by Sahil Uppal) and Karan Chouhan (Samridh Bawa) will be introduced.

“It will be interesting to watch how the lives of each individual changes after they will get married to Meghna and Naina. I play an ideal son of a family who is good in studies and shares a great bond with his brother,” Uppal says.

The relatibility of the content is such that even the actors in the show have seen similar situations happening around them.

“My cousins are well-educated and employed at a big MNC earning in lakhs and then their parents force them to get married. What’s the point if you are educating your daughters and marrying them off to a man who demands that she leave her job and manage the house? Some girls are asked to not work as their family is well established. Why should a husband and in-laws decide whether a woman should work or not? Education is very difficult to get and girls who are passionate about getting educated and aspire to make their career, they should not let their education go waste,” Uppal says.

The subtle message that the show delivers is that though the society is changing and encouraging the women to work, there is still some perspective that needs to be changed about preconceived notions.

“We are born with a thought that it is the woman of the house who is supposed to manage and take care of the family. But that should not be the case. Men can also share some household chores,” Sharma says.

Agrees Uppal who tells you that times have changed.

“It’s not that a girl will get married and just be a housewife. Today, both husband and wife are working and share an understanding when it comes to be housemakers. I strongly believe both the partners should share house work. Women should not waste their talent by staying at home and not utilising their potential,” Uppal says.

The fact that the show is being produced by Barjatya, it meant that Sharma couldn’t stay away from this project.

“Every one in the industry aspires to work with Barjatya. He is the most humble person I have ever met so far. He is the kind of a person who has great understanding of family values and traditions that has been translated on the screen very well. During auditions, he wished each person best of luck by their name and while narrating the story, he seems too passionate and confident about the story,” Sharma tells you.

(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper – http://www.dailypioneer.com/show-time/a-slice-of-life.html).


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