It’s game time!

15380492_10209899882846843_1194898634770486132_nAfter Spiderman, Ironman and Joker, the video game characters have become a big thing in the Indian Cosplay scene. Sangeeta Yadav tells you more

Call it a fad or a creative instinct to  character design, the latest trend in Cosplay is the gaming characters that are coming alive. It has become a serious professional art form since it first began in India in 2013 when most of the cosplayers would don their favourite superhero or villain from a movie or a comic book.

26-year-old Nadir Najumal Hussain, from Kochi and an architect by profession, started Cosplay in 2013 and cosplayed Iron Man. “I started off with comic character and gradually shifted to gaming ones as it is very challenging yet interesting to do. In Delhi Comic Con, I cosplayed as Hunter from Halo, a video game. It requires a lot passion to make a cosplay costume that is not only expensive but takes months to put together. There are templates available online but I use a 3D model from the software to compile it. Most of the cosplayers use EVA form and faux leather which is light to carry. We have to make sure that the costume is strong and intact and would not fall off on the stage which has happened with many people,” Hussain says, who has been won many prizes at cosplay competitions.

The other popular gaming characters that are doing the rounds are from Dota and Overwatch video games.



18-year-old Zara Rebello from Nasik, who started cosplaying at the age of 16,  was last seen cosplaying a vengeful spirit from Dota. “Character designing has become a big thing in cosplay. You see many iconic and intrinsic gaming characters being cosplayed in various gaming events, corporate shows and cosplay tournaments like Comic Con, World Cosplay Summit India, Cool Japan Festival, Indian Gaming Show, EDL competition and much more. In abroad, millions of cosplay tournaments takes place and people have made a career out of it and earning quite well. Another common trend is Japanese animation characters  since the Cosplay art is originated from Japan,” Rabello says who also cosplayed as Queen of Pain from Dota 2.


A graphic designer from NIFT, Hyderabad, 23-year-old Sana Khan had had to do extensive research to get into the skin of the character. “I cosplayed for the first time last year as vengeful spirit from Dota and the first attempt was terrible. My weapon was falling apart and I didn’t know how to style a wig and do the make-up. I worked on it and other cosplayers also helped me. Since my character has lights coming out of it, I had to research about how to install the LEDs in the suit and get everything right,” Khan says.

Hussain, Rebello and Khan are the nine finalists of Indian Championship of Cosplay. The grand finale will take place today, February 12 at Ansal Plaza, Delhi from 12pm to 8pm. The winner will represent the country at the Annual Crown Championships of Cosplay at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo. Indian Championship of Cosplay will host a special Fan Cosplay Contest open to all the visitors attending the show and the winner would get `15,000.

To register for entry, log on to

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