‘Music should be a separate industry,’ says Palash Sen

Doctor-turned-singer and actor, Palash Sen, who recently rocked the stage at Rongali fest in Guwahati, talks to Sangeeta Yadav about the need for a separate music industry to encourage non-film music and his new album & making a TV debut 
  • How was your recent music concert at Rongali festival in Guwahati?

It was great! The fans went crazy dancing to popular songs like Dhum pichak dhum and grooved on Hey maaeri, abb naa jaa, and others. To give to local touch to the concert, I also sang a few lines in Assamese which got a lot of applause. The ambience was great since there was good music and cheers from the crowd.

  • Did you prepare for the concert?

Wherever I perform, I learn the regional language so that I can make a connect with the locals. Concerts are tiring but I make sure I have enough rest and stamina to rock the two-three hour show. One has to be physically and mentally fit and innovate gigs too. It is a tough life for singers performing live at various places. I have been very disciplined and workout a lot to build the stamina and believe in keeping good habits. I am a teetotaler.

  • Where will you be performing next?

We have four more concerts. From there we are going to Jaipur, Bhopal, Indore and Delhi.

  • How is life like performing back to back?

It keeps us on our toes. Every moment of Euphoria performing is the best moment for me. What happened at Rongali was the best moment for me. When we started off performing, people were little scattered but by the end of the show you see everyone together, cheering and enjoying the music. When I perform, I think of it as this is the first and the last show I am doing. And I just give my best.

  • How is Euphoria doing?

It has been the flagbearer of non-film music band in this country and we have been doing great and will keep performing till the end. It feels great that we all band members sustained our identity of being a live band than shifting tracks to other mediums.

  • Why there is a fall in music bands in India?

Most of the music that we get to hear these days is filmi music. The problem is that artists are working as playwriters to make music for movies to make an actor look and sound good. The focus has been shifted from pumping money in albums to film music.

Artists in the non-film music are doing music for the sake of music. It’s very difficult to take out non-film music. But we are trying our best to do it in the best possible way do that the trend stays alive and can benefit other artists too.  India has been a big support towards good melody and great thought and we should keep producing it.

  • Would you like to sing for movies?

I’m not the guy who you can see stand behind a glass and doing playback. We are a band and I have  always tried to be at the forefront and also brought my band members in the limelight.

  • How do you look at the trend of singles in the Indian music scene…

Singles are a great idea. If nothing else, it is promoting music. I wish and hope that the entire industry understands  that music should be treated as a separate industry  and  not a part of the film industry. That’s what  I will do it through Euphoria.

  • You have been spotted wearing mangal sutra…

I wear my mother’s mangal sutra and the locket is called cartouche which is an Egyptian hieroglyphs. On one side of it, it has my mother’s name on the other, my father’s.

  • How is your new album shaping up?

The title of the album is not yet finalised but we have already shot the music video. We are waiting for the right time and good opportunity to release it so that people also take notice of non-filmi music.

  • What are your upcoming projects?

We are preparing a new Hindi TV show shot under  Palash Sen Productions. This will be a surprise for everyone. I am sure the end product will be liked by the viewers.

(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper – http://www.dailypioneer.com/sunday-edition/sunday-pioneer/backpack/music-should-be–a-separate-industry.html).


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