‘I’ll never play mother in films’


After giving a remarkable performance in Jyoti and Veera, SNEHA WAGH will now play a mother to Maharana Ranjit Singh in a historical on Life OK. SANGEETA YADAV speaks to her

  • Any difficulties playing a princess?

There were no inhibitions because I always wanted to play a character which is larger than life. I wanted to play a goddess in a mythological show but when I got the opportunity to work in a historical drama to play mother to Maharana Ranjit Singh, I took it up.

  • Who did you discuss your role with?

My mother. I was contemplating whether I should do a mythological or a historical show. My mother advised me to play Rani Raj Kaur. Whatever I get out of this show, the credit will go to her.

  • Your look is completely different…

In my previous show Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera, I wore no make-up. I used to only apply the Vicco turmeric cream. But in this show, everything has done up. It takes two-and-a-half hours only to get into the costume. But I love wearing the traditional attire and jewellery which has so much meaning. I did six test trials which were not even finalised till the day we started the shoots as we were experimenting with the look. Sometimes, your expectation for things is so high that you don’t feel satisfied till the last moment.

  • What’s been most difficult till now?

Getting into the attire is not as difficult as carrying it the whole day on the sets, especially in the growing heat and humidity. Dialect didn’t come easy either but I was aware that I would have to speak royal Punjabi language. So I have to go through my scripts carefully. Since we have been shooting for the past three months, we have adapted to the set-up now. Since it is a true historical tale, we don’t want to take any liberties with anything. Even an expression would have a big impact on the show. We don’t want to hurt the sentiments of anybody.

  • How was it working with the producer Abhimanyu Singh?

He is the king of historical drama. Since they have done so many historical dramas now, it is very easy for them and they know what they want and how they are going to get it. When I stepped into the shoes of Rani Raj Kaur, it took some time for me to settle down in that new set-up and new character. But everything has gone off well so far.

  • How is the bonding with the star cast?

It’s amazing. I have always maintained a professional relationship with everybody. Work is more important than anything else. With Tunisha and Damanpreet, I share a love-hate relationship. We have a lot of fun on the sets, call each other by funny names and don’t leave any opportunity to pull each other’s leg.

  • How do you take time out for yourself?

Usually, we don’t have time outs. Whenever we get a holiday, I catch up on a lot of sleep. I just rest and eat. Shooting is a time-taking and tiring process. Emotionally, mentally and physically you get drained out. To recover and repair myself is something that I look forward to whenever I get opportunity.

  • Do you see your shows on TV when you go back home?

I don’t like to watch myself on the small screen as I know how I am and how I have performed. Sometimes we start making fun of what we have done on the show. There are self-obsessed people who would see themselves on TV and praise themselves continuously. I am not one of them. Whenever my show comes, I change the channel and watch English GECs. If I am sitting with family or friends, I just move out. People, who know me, talk to me about my performance. But people from the industry don’t try to joke around me or pull my leg as they think of me as a senior actor.

  • Any Bollywood plans?

I have done several Marathi films but those are like art films that travel across films festivals. If I think of Bollywood, I don’t know if I fit into that genre. But if something really excites me, I will take it up.

  • You have played mother on TV shows. Would you be open to play the same in movies as well?

Never! This is not the age to play mother in films and be typecast forever. Films are for life.

  • Hasn’t Marathi cinema become quite popular?

I’m proud and privileged being a part of Marathi cinema. To see Marathi cinema grow is a beautiful feeling. I tell people that if they have something good for me, just let me know as I love those films and it allows me to get into the skin of the character.

(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper – http://www.dailypioneer.com/show-time/ill-never-play-mother-in-films.html).


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