Good boy outside, brat inside: Gurmeet Choudhary

He shot to fame by playing Ram inRamayan and Mann in Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi and endeared himself as a good boy on TV. But today, Gurmeet Choudhary is working hard to break this image. With the release of his recent film — Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana (LKSMLD) starring opposite star kids Vivaan Shah and Akshara Haasan, Choudhary says that people will see him do something different this time.

“The title of the film is funny. There is a saying that ‘shaadi ka laddu khau toh pachtau, naa khau toh bhi pachtau’. The film is a love triangle that revolves around my character Veer who get to know on his wedding day that his wife-to-be, Laali, played by Akshara Haasan, is pregnant and wonders who is the father? Interestingly, this friend, Laddoo played by Vivaan Shah, is also getting married at the same venue but to some other girl. He comes to Veer and says: ‘Yaar tu jis ladke ko dhoond raha hai jisne teri hone wali biwi ko pregnant kiya hai woh mai he hu’. Saying this, he runs to save his life. The movie begins from here,” Choudhary says.

While shooting in Baroda, Choudhary took advantage of his reel life image to play prank on others. “Real comedy would happen off-screen. People think that I a seedhh-saadha bachcha. To be honest, I am a brat and loves to play prank on others. Actors become serious when it comes to comedy. Akshara and I started a rumour that the hotel we were staying is was haunted. We would then lure a person into our plan and decide which room to attack. We then covered ourselves with white bedsheet and enter that room, tie the white bedsheet to the fan and switch it on. Looking at that, people would get very scared and shout for help. Everyone thought that it was Akshara. They didn’t think of me as a culprit,” Choudhary laughs.

Talking about his experience working with Vivaan and  Akshara, he says: “Both of them come from a film background and we considered their fathers — Naseeruddin Shah and Kamal Hassan, respectively, as an institution of acting. Vivaan is a down to earth, but serious and focussed when it comes to work. He is a good friend too. Akshara is also very professional and  disciplined. I get to learn a lot from them,” Choudhary says and is candid enough to admit that he has failed to make a mark on the big screen.

“My previous films Khamoshiyaan which was an erotic film and Wajah Tum Ho, a horror drama couldn’t connect with the audience. My talent and the image that I had created on TV couldn’t come be seen in the films. The audience wanted to see me as a good boy. I didn’t want to get typecast in films. But to do different type of roles is a big thing especially for actors like me who don’t have film background,” he says.

He also tells that his wife has no problems if he has to do an intimate scene with other actresses. “Debina is from the same industry and she knows that I am acting. When I get a script, we read it together and discuss it. More than husband-wife, we are good friendship. Also, I have been luckily. Whichever actresses I have romanced on-screen, the understanding has been great off-screen. When such news make headlines, we don’t react,” he tells you.

He also says that while it is not very nice to take personal fights on social media, the platform has its advantages. “Many people in Bollywood go through depression even when they are successful. Earlier, when jobs took people to other cities, they would go into depression due to isolation. But with the help of social media, people could connect with their friends and family very easily on the virtual world and that eventually become your family. You don’t feel shy to reach out to them and express your pain and happiness with them,” Choudhary says.


(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper –



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