Roadies is a gigantic playground: Nikhil Chinapa

Nikhil Chinapa talks to Sangeeta Yadav about his experience on Roadies Rising and the biggest risk of his life

  • How was it like to comeback on Roadies Rising as a gang leader…

Coming back to Roadies and MTV is like coming home. I started as  VJ with MTV; it brought me into the limelight and helped me connect with the youth. Roadies Rising is a new canvas for me as the format has changed and the team is new. Earlier, I was a judge on the show. I had nothing to do with the journey, tasks and selecting the contestants. This time, I am on the journey.

  • Some anecdotes.

Travelling in the same car with the contestants, creating an atmosphere where we played a lot of music and having conversation with them is amazing. As a gang leader, I have to figure out how to do the tasks quickly and efficiently. Someone like Rannvijay, who has been doing this for 14 years, he could do this in his sleep. So many times he has figured out the task by just looking at it. I still stare at the rope and wonder what’s going to happen here. It takes me a while to figure things out. But I am thoroughly enjoying every single aspect of the show.

  • The best thing that has happened to you on the show.

Since I am a student of architecture, some of the locations that we have been to are incredible.  We started the show at Orchha near Jhansi, there were 18 to 20 cenotaphs of Bundela dynasty. We then drove towards wheat fields — half ripened. It was magnificent.

  • What is happening to the other roadies from the previous season?

Some of them are doing great and have made a name for themselves like Rannvijay Singh, Ayushman Khurana, Shubhi Mehta, Sahil Anand, Shaleen Malhotra, Vishal Karwal, Bani, etc. Roadies may be a stepping stone for people, but they are deluding themselves if they think that they can become famous without working hard.

  • How risky are the tasks this time?

They are very risky as compared to previous seasons. But we follow a lot of safety measures. There is always a risk in taking up challenge. Is there a chance of getting hurt? Yes. Would anybody give up the opportunity of travelling across the country in a car with new people just because they might scrape their knee? I don’t think so. The kind of pressure you feel on this show is nothing compared to what life throws at you. Roadies is a gigantic playground with lots of toys and games. It lets you overcome your fears and explore your potential. The risk of getting hurt is minimal but opportunities are immense.

  • What has been your biggest risk in life?

I started Sunburn Music Festival in 2007 and then we had disagreement with the partner who threw me out. The decision to get back to music and joining hands with Viacom for Supersonics was a resurrection. I was taking a huge chance but it was with the people whom I consider as a family — Viacom and VH1. My wife, Pearl and I took a tough decision and decided to fight the case in court after I was thrown out of Sunburn. We had to sell our house and lots of other unhappy events took place. If Pearl hadn’t been with me, I would never have come up with Supersonics. She attended court sessions so that I could get back to work. Adversities in life will either make you strong or weak and that will ultimately define you. In life, one should ride on the love and support of the people who love you and keep you grounded.

(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper –


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