No time for Bollywood


SANGEETA YADAV meets up with reclusive singer & musician LUCKY ALI. A report

Remember Lucky Ali? Remember O Sanam Mohabbat Ki Kasam and Kyu Chalti Hai Pawan? He was quite a blue-eyed singing sensation back in those days when “Dekha Hai Aise Bhi” and “Jaane Kya Dhunta Hai Yeh Mera Dil” looked like all-time favourites. He gave us songs filled with emotions, moods and moments. But then he drifted into the Himalayas and disappeared from Bollywood, appearing only in live shows here and there.

“After shifting Kasol, I have never wanted to go back to Bollywood. I want to do only live music and work with new artists,” says Ali, who’s last Bollywood song was Safarnama from the movie Tamasha in 2015.

Ali’s disconnect with Bollywood started because, he felt that nothing gets created in Bollywood, it only gets copied. “For me, music is like a live movie, better than Bollywood any day. Bollywood is not creative. I want to express music in a way that I believe it needs be to expressed. I want to work with artistes who believe in the idea of music being a great mode that brings people together. I want to be more live with my music,” Ali, who recently performed live in MTV FLYP cafe in the Capital, says.

Calling himself an artiste rather than a singer, Ali says it is all about being a performer. “I’m not a musician but an artist. I create music, I sing, I act and I do everything that I like, including agriculture. I want to surprise everyone with my musical experiment. We are working on something very special which you will hear after June 24, 2017. We are also going to do a tour of the middle-east too,” 59-year-old tells you.

It is not just live performances that he is doing in India, he has done a lot of international collaborations with artistes too but his soul collaboration in music is with his brother-in-law Mikey McCleary.

Apart from music, the other thing close to Ali’s heart is environment conservation. “I am making a big noise against those who are damaging the environment. That’s the best that I can do — make a big noise,” he says.

Ali doesn’t want to judge reality shows on TV as he thinks that’s not the place for him to be. “There are already great artistes judging new talent. TV doesn’t  need a fool to come and tell the contestants that ‘yes you have done it very well and you should do this quite often, or you should be singing like this forever,” he says.

(The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper –


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