‘Freestyle rappers need a push,’ says rapper Indeep Bakshi


After giving hits like Saturday Saturday & Kala Chashma, Bakshi is set to launch his next track Bounce and debut on TV as a host of  the reality show A Date to Remember. He talks to SANGEETA YADAV about Justin Bieber’s lip syncing and trends in music today

  • What is keeping you busy?

My new track —Bounce under my album Karma is slated to release this month. Life is like a party and this track talks about making the most of every minute and opportunities that you get and enjoy your life to the fullest. I am also working on a new album titled We-desi. For the first time, I am experimenting with international music and it is going to be a big surprise for everyone. I am also going to act in a Bollywood movie too.

  • What do you have to say about Justin Bieber’s lip syncing?

Yes he did lip sync. But it will be wrong to say that he lip synced all through the performance. We need to understand that to perform for more than two hours is very difficult. Singers can’t sing for so long especially when they are jumping and dancing during a live performance. There is a lot of pressure on the throat. Some singers do play their song at the backdrop of their live performance. At times it is done to bring variation to their concert. Overall it was a good performance.

  • What is trending in music today?

We have had enough of remixes. The beauty lies in creating original tracks. We should come up with more such original tracks. By remixing old songs, we can’t do justice to the old flavour. In fact, we finish its essence. Moreover, rappers are now getting accepted in Bollywood in a big way and we have created our own identity. We have brought international genres like R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, etc and we are called to sing the main track instead of just singing a promo song.

  • How is the business of music shaping up?

The music industry is always booming, whether you make money or not. There is music for every mood and it is the biggest stress buster. Nobody can take music out of their life. Singers are making a lot of money through YouTube and Vevo platforms. International artists invest their money on such platform to promote their music and get very good returns. Singers like Bieber would be spending dollars on promoting their videos there and get very good returns. In India, the trend is picking up slowly. We don’t have that much money to invest there. The source of income is so less that they can only do so much with a limited budget.

  • A lot of music festivals are taking place…

Live concerts are picking up. Six years back, it would not have been a hit. Today, people are aware of music and coming with their families and friends to listen to live performances. Earlier maximum number of people used to enjoy music at marriages. I was part of Ceol Festival in the Capital which was a huge hit.

  • How are club promoting the live performances?

The shows for the singers have decreased because there is too much of demand for the DJs. Real DJs are very less. Junior DJ artists are getting hired who just download popular songs and remix it instead of creating something new. The underground music scene has some really good artists and we should promote them by having music open mics. Recently, I did a song BootyShake which was written by rapper KD. Free style rappers need a push instead of calling known artists to perform.

  • You are making a debut on TV with the dating reality show A Date to Remember…

I am going to host the show with Nithibha and Manu Panjabi. There are 18 boys and nine girls. The show is about love triangles where the boys will be asked to perform a task to impress the girl. It is a mixture of Splitsvilla and Roadies. Contestants will be selected on the basis of auditions. Questions like what they want in their partner and what they think about relationships will be put up. There will be love, fights, jealousy, competition, etc. We will be shooting the promotional video next month and the show goes on the floor in July.

  • What is the reason behind doing a reality show?

I see myself as an entertainer, not just a singer or composer-producer. SaturdaySaturday and KalaChashma had became hits and people knew that it was sung by Indeep Bakshi but none would be able to recognise my face. My identity was lost behind my voice. Through this show, I will come in the forefront and hopefully will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

The article also got published in Pioneer Newspaper – http://www.dailypioneer.com/sunday-edition/sunday-pioneer/backpack/freestyle-rappers-need-a-push.html.


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